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Top 6 tips to experience life in Saigon

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Check out this list to live like a native and make your trip to Vietnam's largest city worth every second.Take a dive into Saigon night marketsHo Thi Ky Flower Market and Ben Thanh Night Market are the places to get a broader picture of Saigon’s nightlife.Ho Thi Ky, the city’s largest wholesale flower market, is home to more than 100 households selling hundreds of kinds of flowers in a rainbow of colors. It operates round the clock and is most vibrant between midnight and 2 a.m., when retailers are rushing back and forth with fresh produce.The outdoor night market next to the iconic Ben Thanh Market serves mostly hungry night owls and curious travelers, which partly explains the reason for the slightly higher prices of the dishes here. Expensive as it is, the market is still the go-to place for many owing to its convenient location.Opening from 7 p.m., the market operates well into the evening and also features stalls selling clothing, jewelry and other items. Explore Vietnam’s war…