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South Korea promotes tourism in HCM City

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South Korea promotes tourism in HCM CityA conference on introduction of tourism of Daegu City and Gyeongbuk Province was organized in Ho Chi Minh City on November 12 with the participation of leading travel companies of South Korea and Vietnam.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju[/caption]The event was one of the activities of the HCMC-Gyeongju World Cultural Festival 2017 which's scheduled to take place from November 11 to December 3.Attending at the event were Mayor of Daegu Kwon Young Jin, leaders of Gyeongbuk Province, representatives of the Korea Tourism Organization, leaders of the HCM City Department of Tourism and the municipal Tourism Promotion Center.The meeting introduced to Vietnamese visitors popular tourists attractions in Daegu City and Gyeongbuk Province, and tourism policies to attract more visitors from Vietnam. Daegu City and Gyeongbuk Province are also among most attractive destinations for me…

Top 7 beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Tourist destination in old war base

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Old war base in Northern Lang SonThe Bac Son region in northern Lang Son Province was once the home of a culture that existed 10,000 years ago. Various archaeological traces unearthed in the area show that humans existed here from a period known as the New Stone Era. Caves have retainded traces of these primative people.Bac Son also has a rich, modern, revolutionary tradition starting with the Bac Son Revolution in 1940, the first armed revolution led by the Vietnam Communist Party against French and Japanese invaders. Names such as Khuoi Noi Forest, Nong Luc Communal House and Mo Nhai Military Post are all associated with heroic fighting days.Stunning: A view of Bac Son Town with green fields and pyramid hills.
I first visited Bac Son with photographer Van Chuc nearly 30 years ago, when the doi moi (renewal) process started. Like other areas throughout Vietnam, Bac Son was having a hard time, with poor vilalges, needy people, under-developed infrastructure.I remember old Bac Son Town.…

Vimo e-wallet connects cross-border payment with Wechat Pay

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Vimo e-wallet in VietnamVimo e-wallet announced it has become the first payment intermediary allowing Chinese travelers to use Wechat Pay in Vietnamese dong at shops accepting Vimo, VietnamPlus reported. Accordingly, shops in Viet Nam can install "Vimo Merchant" application and register at merchant.vimo.vn.Chinese travelers to Viet Nam now can use Wechat Pay at shops accepting Vimo e-wallet. — Photo thoibaonganhang.vnWhen Chinese tourists pay for a purchase, the merchants enter order information and the amount paid in Vietnamese dong to generate the QR transaction code.They then use WeChat Pay on their phones to scan the seller’s code to complete the cashless payment transaction in seconds.The shops will receive money within a maximum time of two days. According to Vimo, this service replaces the use of bank cards with mobile phones.Chinese travelers no longer have to carry cash, but still can spend freely when traveling in Viet Nam.However, to protect the domestic e-payment…

President Donald Trump was not served shark fin soup in Vietnam

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American magazine Newsweek on Tuesday said Vietnam treated President Donald Trump to a state dinner last weekend that included shark fin soup, a local delicacy “responsible for driving sharks to extinction”.A screen capture shows Newsweek's headline about Trump being served shark fin soup in Vietnam.Only there was actually no shark fin.A menu obtained by VnExpress International shows that the U.S. President was;served a 9-course meal (besides desserts, tea and coffee) featuring bacon, egg, shrimp, pemmican, scallops, cod, swim bladder, chicken and local vegetables.Newsweek called the swim bladder soup, the fifth dish on the menu, “controversial”, saying that the demand for fish maw is threatening the extinction of two fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.But according to the Vietnamese version of the menu, the soup was;made with common mackerel, a fish which conservation status is of least concern, according to the International Union of Conservation for Nature.The menu obtained by

Pha Din Pass in November

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Spectacular scenery of Pha Din Pass in NovemberWhen visiting the north-western region, visitors should not miss a visit to the majestic landscapes of Pha Din Pass, as it is becoming an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists.The tourism area of Pha-Din Pass is 1,000 meters above sea level, and is blanketed with fields of colourful flowers.Before arriving in Dien Bien Province, tourists can relax at Pha Din Pass and take beautiful photographs.Colourful plastic pinwheels decorate the land.Dinh Van Tuan, a member of the management board of Pha Din Pass tourism area, said the area plans to become a place for tourists to stop off and relax, and serve the people of Dien Bien and Son La Provinces for meetings and cultural exchanges.It is estimated that thousands of visitors arrive at Pha Din Pass tourism area at weekends and on holidays.Pha Din Pass tourism area creates jobs for 50 local labourers. People have opened stores to rent ethnic clothes and sell drinks.The management bo…

Quang Ninh approves Ha Long-Co To seaplane route

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Ha Long-Co To seaplane routeChairman of Quang Ninh Province People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Long gave his nod to Hai Au Aviation’s proposal of launching a seaplane flight route from Ha Long City to Co To Island.A seaplane of Hai Au Aviation. Quang Ninh Province gives nod to the company’s proposal of opening seaplane flight route from Ha Long to Co To.At a working session with Hai Au Aviation on Wednesday; Long said the province would create the most favourable conditions in terms of administrative;procedures for the launch of the flight route and provide support in promotions.Long said this seaplane flight route would contribute to diversifying tourism products in line with the province’s development strategy of becoming an international-class tourism hub.He asked the provincial Department of Transport to study the project of building a runway for small-sized planes on Co To Island and asked relevant authorities to create appropriate conditions for the operation of the seaplane route.Ea…